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Performance Headlights

A high-performance headlight is a device equipped with a function that makes the irradiation range of the headlight change to a suitable one dependingon the forward traffic conditions during nighttime driving.

Performance Fog Lights

New style without altering your existing fog lights with pre-assembled fog lights this is a great option to eliminate the need for more tools and specialty training.

Light Bars

LED light bars come in different sizes and may be square or rectangular. The longer rectangular light bars may have many more than four LEDs in the package.

Cargo Liner

these are cargo trunk mats that are custom-fit to protect the inside of your vehicle.They are designed to dovetail with the contours ...

Floor Liner

Protecting your vehicle from spills, drips and excess moisture will help you make the most of every ride. Whether you’re looking for something to soak up the snow and mud from your boots or you’re worried about accidentally spilling a hot cup of coffee on your floorboards, it’s best to install custom-fit car floor liners or mats.

Spot Beam Slimlite LED

The SlimLite® LED honors KC’s timeless round shape and slim depth while introducing modern aesthetics and forward facing LED technology.

Flex Era 3

The KC® FLEX ERA® 3 is the most compact, high-performance LED light in the KC family. Featuring the latest high-power CREE® LEDs densely configured in a triangular orientation. The FLEX ERA 3 was born to race Baja and perfect for your next off-road adventure. The combo configuration features two spread and one spot beam to give you maximum coverage from a single light.

Rock Lights

rock lights are designed to be installed underneath the vehicle so that drivers can see rocks and debris that might potentially cause damage to the vehicle.